Evictions of squatters

What do we do?
Brokerage and negotiation service with squatters in the Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands. We will help you to solve in an agile way the eviction of your illegal occupation. We are the creators of the “desokupa” method with 93% success in more than 1,500 cases. Our services include prior negotiation with the tenant, the beginning of the procedure of the lawsuit against the tenant, lawyer and attorney throughout the process. .

What are illegal squatters?
A tenant making the use and enjoyment of another's property by force and without the permission of the property. The most common cases are illegal squatters in flats, buildings or commercial premises.

What does our demand, lawyer and attorney service include?
The Precarious Eviction service includes advice, home visit, pre-demand negotiation, the start of the claim procedure against the precarious tenant, lawyer and attorney.

Necessary documentation for hiring?
To hire our services you must provide all the documentation related to the real estate, the property registration form and identity document.

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